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Sounds of traffic
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High-quality Sounds of traffic are up for grabs here. How often can you hear the sounds of cars, traffic jams, public transport in a big city. some even get tired of it, and so many go out of town to be in silence. The frantic rhythm makes people nervous. And each person can behave differently in stressful situations that usually happen in traffic jams.
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List of Available Audio Files:

The sounds of the roadway, the car ride stream (3D)

Size: [6.5 Mb], (Downloaded: 179). Type: mp3.

The sounds of multiple signals (beeps) during a traffic jam, all signals to each other

Size: [1.93 Mb], (Downloaded: 126). Type: mp3.

Sounds of city traffic

Size: [6.99 Mb], (Downloaded: 90). Type: mp3.

Stereo sound of passing cars

Size: [6.09 Mb], (Downloaded: 63). Type: mp3.

The sound of a busy road where cars drive along the road very quickly

Size: [3.23 Mb], (Downloaded: 70). Type: mp3.

The sound of a passing truck on an asphalt road

Size: [814.13 Kb], (Downloaded: 31). Type: mp3.

The car drove and horned, driving away

Size: [296.13 Kb], (Downloaded: 90). Type: mp3.

The flow of cars going on the highway, the sound of rubber, tires and wind

Size: [2.88 Mb], (Downloaded: 50). Type: mp3.

Cars drive on the roads, rush to and fro

Size: [1.63 Mb], (Downloaded: 40). Type: mp3.

Sounds of driving cars and trucks on the bridge

Size: [4.69 Mb], (Downloaded: 25). Type: mp3.
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The sound of oncoming cars

Size: [3.25 Mb], (Downloaded: 41). Type: mp3.

The sound of car traffic during rain (wet asphalt and tires)

Size: [4.98 Mb], (Downloaded: 14). Type: mp3.

The sound of highways bird's eye view (10th floor, balcony)

Size: [2.52 Mb], (Downloaded: 17). Type: mp3.

Sounds of the city: human steps, cars, trucks

Size: [3.82 Mb], (Downloaded: 43). Type: mp3.

The sound of the old city along with the beeps of cars and buses

Size: [1.71 Mb], (Downloaded: 58). Type: mp3.

Sounds of a crossroads where there is a pedestrian crossing

Size: [1 Mb], (Downloaded: 17). Type: mp3.

The sound of traffic in the Asian country

Size: [3.36 Mb], (Downloaded: 18). Type: mp3.

The sound of a tourist place in a city with people's voices (city noise)

Size: [2.79 Mb], (Downloaded: 24). Type: mp3.

People talk, walk, lively square in China

Size: [2.45 Mb], (Downloaded: 8). Type: mp3.

Race car gassing

Size: [167.61 Kb], (Downloaded: 32). Type: mp3.
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