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Logo sounds "20th Century Fox"
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High-quality Logo sounds "20th Century Fox" are up for grabs here. In this post, we decided to place the sounds of screensavers from the American film studio "20th Century Fox". There are several options, because the history of this company begins more than 100 years ago. Choose the one that suits you the most.
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List of Available Audio Files:

Logo sound "20th Century Fox" (2009 to present)

Size: [508.3 Kb], (Downloaded: 5022). Type: mp3.

Intro sound "Fox Film" (1931 год)

Size: [369.93 Kb], (Downloaded: 196). Type: mp3.

Logo sound "Twentieth Century Pictures" (August 9, 1935)

Size: [515.03 Kb], (Downloaded: 186). Type: mp3.

Version 2, Twentieth Century Fox (1935)

Size: [291.56 Kb], (Downloaded: 164). Type: mp3.

Logo "20th Century Fox" from 1953 to 1981

Size: [303.81 Kb], (Downloaded: 137). Type: mp3.

Sound effect "20th Century Fox" (April 30, 1954)

Size: [455.64 Kb], (Downloaded: 238). Type: mp3.

Rare fanfare "20th Century Fox" (1977)

Size: [278.09 Kb], (Downloaded: 85). Type: mp3.

"20th Century Fox" intro sound for "Cannonball Run" movie 

Size: [637.48 Kb], (Downloaded: 76). Type: mp3.

Sound "20th Century Fox" (1983)

Size: [348.5 Kb], (Downloaded: 105). Type: mp3.

20th Century Fox (1995)

Size: [511.97 Kb], (Downloaded: 212). Type: mp3.

The sound of the beginning of The Simpsons Movie (studio, 2007)

Size: [463.6 Kb], (Downloaded: 102). Type: mp3.
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8-bit option (for NES lovers)

Size: [472.17 Kb], (Downloaded: 120). Type: mp3.

20th Century Studios intro sound (2020)

Size: [493.6 Kb], (Downloaded: 233). Type: mp3.
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