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Sounds of summer
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High-quality Sounds of summer are up for grabs here. Someone thinks that summer is a small life. We can agree with this. And it is especially pleasant to listen to the sounds of summer in the winter season. Just like vice versa. We decided that this post should be published with us, because it is not every day that you can listen to these beautiful sounds of nature in real life.
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The sound of summer in the country near the forest

Size: [4.57 Mb], (Downloaded: 594). Type: mp3.

Summer sounds of mushroom rain

Size: [2.92 Mb], (Downloaded: 267). Type: mp3.

The sound of a sunny morning in the village in summer

Size: [524.53 Kb], (Downloaded: 207). Type: mp3.
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The sound of nature: summer thunderstorm, rain, country village

Size: [2.35 Mb], (Downloaded: 125). Type: mp3.

The sound of summer gatherings in the evening around the fire

Size: [1.11 Mb], (Downloaded: 93). Type: mp3.

The sound of summer in the city park

Size: [681.94 Kb], (Downloaded: 78). Type: mp3.

The sound of a night summer meadow (recorded in the field)

Size: [5.2 Mb], (Downloaded: 201). Type: mp3.

The sound of summer sunset near the sea, the sun sets

Size: [3.03 Mb], (Downloaded: 149). Type: mp3.

The sound of birds singing at dawn on a summer morning outside the city

Size: [3.83 Mb], (Downloaded: 273). Type: mp3.
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