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Movie projector sounds
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High-quality Movie projector sounds are up for grabs here. The film projector appeared not so long ago. And Hollywood was very grateful to this invention. Films allow some people to learn about how other people behaved or some significant events took place. It all started with short films, even in the old days there were a lot of people in cinemas.
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The sound of the continuous film projector in the cinema

Size: [747.01 Kb], (Downloaded: 101). Type: mp3.

Button sounds on the film projector (setting)

Size: [45.16 Kb], (Downloaded: 68). Type: mp3.

Tape rewind sound on projector

Size: [93.68 Kb], (Downloaded: 94). Type: mp3.

The sound of a movie stop on an old film projector

Size: [47.69 Kb], (Downloaded: 62). Type: mp3.

Startup Sound 35mm Hand-Projector

Size: [93.67 Kb], (Downloaded: 52). Type: mp3.

The sound of the film on the film projector with tape

Size: [145.21 Kb], (Downloaded: 174). Type: mp3.
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The sound of the old projector, which included the movie

Size: [149.79 Kb], (Downloaded: 97). Type: mp3.

The sound of the fan at the projector (cooling or something)

Size: [82.71 Kb], (Downloaded: 15). Type: mp3.

The sound of the projector in the cinema, which shows the film film (time silent films)

Size: [1.04 Mb], (Downloaded: 47). Type: mp3.
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