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Sounds of a man's yawn
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High-quality Sounds of a man's yawn are up for grabs here. When you listen to something like this, then be prepared for the fact that you yourself may want to yawn. We have collected different sounds here, they are all about the yawning of a person. Convenient when there are all sounds, but with different intonation. We hope you enjoy this content. You can layer sounds on top of each other to create your own unique effect.
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The sound of a young boy's yawn

Size: [381.56 Kb], (Downloaded: 29). Type: mp3.

The sound of a young girl yawn

Size: [46.44 Kb], (Downloaded: 29). Type: mp3.

Girl sings and yawns

Size: [305.21 Kb], (Downloaded: 18). Type: mp3.

A man yawns many times

Size: [82.54 Kb], (Downloaded: 99). Type: mp3.

Old lady is yawning

Size: [41.27 Kb], (Downloaded: 57). Type: mp3.

Yawned when it was very boring

Size: [19.01 Kb], (Downloaded: 17). Type: mp3.

The sound of pulling up in the morning in bed

Size: [59.92 Kb], (Downloaded: 56). Type: mp3.

The sound of a loud yawn (female voice)

Size: [55.95 Kb], (Downloaded: 58). Type: mp3.

Many people yawn simultaneously

Size: [35.59 Kb], (Downloaded: 19). Type: mp3.
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The sound of human fatigue (fatigue)

Size: [30.6 Kb], (Downloaded: 26). Type: mp3.

The sound that makes a man when he really wants to sleep

Size: [62.05 Kb], (Downloaded: 26). Type: mp3.

As a signal to the human body when he was awake for a long time and requires rest

Size: [34.08 Kb], (Downloaded: 22). Type: mp3.

The boy quickly yawns

Size: [39.59 Kb], (Downloaded: 17). Type: mp3.

You listen to this and want to yawn

Size: [49.68 Kb], (Downloaded: 17). Type: mp3.

The sound of a long yawning middle aged woman

Size: [70.72 Kb], (Downloaded: 15). Type: mp3.

The sound of yawning and pulling up

Size: [160.79 Kb], (Downloaded: 30). Type: mp3.
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